Getting valid email recipients from Active Directory with ldap

18 02 2011

Using a postfix relay in front of an Exchange is a common use case, but how to pull a list of all valid emailaddresses from your Active Directory to directly reject non valid ones? Its pretty easy with some LDAP and perl magic.

I found a script which accomplishes this task here, and enhanced it with 2 features to ensure integrity of the list under heavy load:

1. list is saved to a tempfile when received, and renamed to the final one afterwards. This guarantees that all consuming programs always see a complete list, as renamig is an atomic filesystem operation according to POSIX

2. you can define a minimal file size for the list, which is checked before renaming, to be sure your Active Directory server sent you a plausible "long enough" answer and nothing went wrong while saving it to file. In case the new file is to small, it is not renamed, all consumers will keep on using the old one.

You can find my script here


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