Samsung NaviBot S SR8950 DIY Battery Replacement

24 02 2014

So I bought a faulty navibot the other day on ebay which had still some months of implied warranty left.

The idea was to check if I can get it up and running or to send it back to the manufacturer if I fail. A voltage check of the battery revealed 2.5V per cell, so they were basically dead . A replacement pack costs about 100€, I decided to replace the cells by myself.
It worked out pretty well, I paid about 23€ on ebay for four fresh cells, here is a short replacing how to:

1. Open the pack. You see 4 Li-Ion 18650 cells with some balancer electronics on top. 


2. Cut the lines and remove the batteries. Watch out to not shorten anything, this could damage the board or the cells may catch fire. Important: Remember the order, polarity and all connections. Draw yourself an image or label the cells accordingly. 

3. Get new cells. The OEM cells are called ICR18650-22FU. However, I couldn't find them on ebay, so I went with a similar model ICR18650-22F (Without the U model number). The original calls have a capacity of 2200mAh, the new ones have 2250mAh, both are Li-Ion. The base station is charging with about 1/3C and the bot draws ~40W when running.  Make sure your cells can handle that. Soldering lugs on the cells make soldering much easier. Z-form fits better then U-form for the pack.

4. Now, solder the pack back together. Remember to keep polarity and all contacts exactly as they were before. Do not shorten anything by accident, that damn cells explode or catch fire pretty easy.

5. Et voilá - there he comes back to life :) 


  • A sticker at the inner side of the battery cap tells the bot is running Windows CE 5. The manual reveals it uses the good old OpenCV library for computer vision.

  • There is a hidden USB port next to the battery. If anyone could check the hackability of this device - that would be great.

  • I uploaded some in-detail images of the battery and soldering here


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